Our Camper visits CarPolishing.co.uk

So, I don’t think we have ever put a blog post up about any of our own cars before? But after visiting the guys down at CarPolishing.co.uk we felt we had to!

A few weeks ago, our friends at CarPolishing.co.uk moved into their new unit at Manston, Kent. After a few years of working mobile detailing and correcting all manner of vehicles from super cars, to classics to daily drivers and more recently offering ceramic coatings.

So we thought it was about time we popped over with our 1962 VW Camper for them to work their magic on. Our camper was restored by ourselves and has been resprayed in the last five years. On the surface the paint looked great to the untrained eye, but this is where detailing really comes into its own.

Loading doors before correction.

The camper only being used for shows, weddings and the occasional trip out rarely gets that dirty so I am quite often seen quick detailing the dust or road film off the paint work and wheels. Its probably only been “washed” 5/6 times in the past few years. Something which didn’t impress Joe and Henry! See the years of laziness had left the paint with a load of swirl marks and holograms as well as the flatting marks and oxidisation that was also apparent.

Loading doors after correction.

After a quick check over Henry and Joe were desperate to get their hands on it, so a date was arranged and the camper was dropped off to their unit in Manston for a 3 day correction. I couldn’t wait to see the results.

I’ll try to explain the process that was taken on the camper, but I apologise if I get something wrong, I’m not a detailer. I just about know how to use quick detailer haha.

Snow foam, probably the coolest part of detailing.

The van was thoroughly cleaned using PH Neutral products.
Starting with a citrus prewash, with wheels and arches thoroughly cleaned.

Next up was snow foam and rinse! Not only does it look awesome and like your car is in some sort of dodgy video is also helps to lift any loose dirt from the surface to help prevent any scratching when you get to the contact wash stage.

Following from the snow foam, the van was washed carefully with the two-bucket method both fitted with grit guards to prevent any further scratches or damage.

The van is then dried with a warmed air blower, again avoiding contact and chances of more scratches etc being added.

The paint work was then clay barred to remove any old wax, road film or tar.

The window and door rubbers are then masked to avoid compound dust contamination. Rubbers can become stained with compound if not masked off before machine polishing.

Then the polishing stage! First up a heavy cut pad was used with a Dual Action Polisher to remove scratches and heavy swirls using Menzerna heavy cut compound.

Passenger door before correction.
Passenger door after correction.

For the second stage a medium polish pad was again used with a dual action polisher to refine any leftover smaller marks/marring to leave a perfect finish using Menzerna 3000 ultra fine finish.

A Farecla rotary polisher with microhead was used for the tighter areas to make sure nothing was left untouched.

After a final check over the paintwork was then thoroughly decontaminated with an alcohol-based panel prep. This removes any polish residue creating the best possible bond for any coating to be applied.

A coating of Fusso wax applied to achieve a deep gloss finish and up to 12 months of protection. CarPolishing.co.uk also offer ceramic coatings which provide a superior level of protection of 3 to 5 years.

So what are my thoughts? Honestly, paint correction/detailing is something I have always known about but have never felt the need to have done to any of my vehicles BUT wow, I couldn’t believe the difference to the look of the van. It always got comments on how great the paintwork was but now its next level. Hopefully the pictures do the talking here.

Want to know more or to book your car/bike in? Head to www.CarPolishing.co.uk, like their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram @CarPolishing.co.uk

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